Wednesday, October 22, 2014

so it's been more than a year...

I just realized it had been more than a full year since I last blogged! That's just silly, but for the past several months my life had been drastically changed... my son Alex was born a couple days before Thanksgiving last year, and I have been super busy with him since.

Everything with Alex is new to me. Motherhood has been both exciting and challenging at times, and I am constantly learning to be a mom. And I am loving it. And of course there's our little coffee shop that just celebrated its 10th anniversary, and that remains a large part of my life, even though most of the time it's John at the business all by himself because I usually stay at home with Alex these days. And then there's still all the food adventures that I partake with both John and Alex... These simple daily happiness keep me occupied.

Anywho. Even though I have not really had much time to sit down and blog, I have been able to take photos (of course!) and use Instagram, flickr, and also facebook more regularly for my everyday little things.

So. Thanks for stopping by. I am hoping I can figure out how to utilize my time better so I can continue blogging. In the mean time I will be on Instagram, and if you are there as well, please feel free to follow me and share my journey through life's daily events, one little square at a time.

I am here on Instagram.


Alex is 10 months old now!