Friday, December 21, 2007


It was snowing pretty big this morning, and we were almost an hour late when we got to the caffe. When we got here, we noticed that our patio and the back entrance, along with the main part of the parking lot has been shovelled.

That was very nice. We thought, "Ahh... it's Manuel from upstairs!"

After we finally opened up, Larry came in. Larry is a wonderful gentleman who comes to the caffe and get Mochas. He lives just a couple buildings down next to the caffe, and a lot of times he'd be the first customer of the day at the shop.

So I made him his mocha and we talked for a while, and I learned that he was the one who shovelled all the snow on our patio and in the back! Both John and I were surprised and thanked him, and he just smiled and said, "Oh, that was nothing. I was up at 4 this morning anyway."

Aww. That was so nice. We just got our huge shipment in from Taiwan so John was actually going to be late to meet with the delivery people if he had to shovel all the snow. Larry saved our day! :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

and he loves rice

I think our dogs love rice, but I know white rice is not necessarily the best food for dogs, so I'd only mix some rice in with their regular food once in a while.

Recently I've noticed that Nuki may actually LOVE rice, because one of his favorite spot to hang out around the house is in the kitchen, where the rice bag is.


Sometimes it almost looks like he's guarding the bag of rice in a way. hehe.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

roasting roasting roasting

bags of coffee

It's that time of the year where people are getting fresh-roasted coffee beans for Christmas presents at the caffe. Yesterday a customer ordered 40 lbs. of coffee to give to his friends and colleagues, plus there are many more who are getting their Christmas coffees before the holidays.

And that means John's been roasting, roasting, and roasting. I'm not qualified to roast anything just yet, but I do manage to fold the coffee bags all neat and pretty.

Monday, December 17, 2007

peeping ginger

I was organizing some of my photos and noticed that many of the dog pictures that were taken inside the house would also show a tiny pair of sparkly eyes...

like this one...

It's Ginger peeping on top of the stairs and behind the dogs!

She likes to check out Naicha as well.

She's kind of silly, though, because when I try to take her picture, she'll run and try to be shy. Hmm...

Friday, December 14, 2007

new roasting room

I know I haven't been updating my blog often these days. It's not because I'm lazy or anything (eyes shifting) but because I "lost" my "office" at the caffe not too long ago.

The tiny little coffee roaster John's been using to roast the beans at the shop was not going to keep up with the demand anymore, so with some generous help we finlly could get a new roaster.

With the new and larger roaster we had to build a new roasting room, and our friend Adam and Curtis started off building it a couple weeks ago.

before the roasting room
Adam and Curtis getting ready to start building.

roasting room
These guys are fast!

roasting room
Almost done!

Adam and Curtis have actually finished the building of the room, and we've had all the wood stained black so far. We're waiting for the big glass windows and door to be installed soon. I will post more photos later on.

I think the new roasting room looks great! I'm just wondering if I should have John install a couple blinds on the windows, so I'll be able to "hide" in the room and nap sometimes.

Friday, December 07, 2007

our annual angel tree for homeless pets

angel tree 2007

This holiday season, caffe d'bolla is giving a slice of Heaven to our four footed friends! caffe d'bolla is hosting an angel tree to support the needs of the animals at No More Homeless Pets.

Frisky felines and playful pups need food, treats, toys, blankets, and most, a home. I've made ornaments out of the photos and profiles of the pets that need homes (and special thanks to Joyce!), and you can pick up an ornament and fulfill a homeless pet's wish. caffe d'bolla will reward the fulfilling of gifts on the angel tree with lattes, in-house fresh-roasted coffee, and gift cards.

caffe d'bolla continues to be dedicated in helping homeless pets and is donating time, effort, money, and tasty drinks for a 'Good Cause for Paws'. Come help bring plenty of wags and purrs this holiday season!

Fulfill a wish today!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

KZCL 90.5!

I was at KRCL earlier today and learned that "Chinese Radio" is the first show that's broadcasting on KZCL 90.5 FM in Cache Valley! I know KRCL has been waiting for this day for years... and I'm glad more and more people are able to hear the great programs on KRCL.

And of course, people can hear KRCL programs online at! We actually learned that we had a listener in Kentuky! :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Angel Tree for Homeless Pets

The annual Angel Tree we put up for Homeless Pets is up today! I used to have to work hours to have the pets' photos and files ready, and to hang up all the ornaments, but this year my friend Joyce and Otis helped, so the tree was up early!

I hope people will come and pick up a card or two, and help fulfil a couple little dogs or cats' wishes. :)

Only at caffe d'bolla! As usual, we will reward everyone who fulfill a pet's wish with the best espresso drinks and fresh house-roasted coffee and espresso. :)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

making little ornaments

I've been busy making Christmas tree ornaments out of the photos and profile information of adoptable dogs and cats at No More Homeless Pets in Utah, to hang on our angel tree for homeless pets at the caffe this year.

My friend Joyce is going to help out with the project this year! Yeah! She loves animals dearly, too, so the two of us are going to make the project great!

I hope people will be generous and bring lots of love to the homeless pets this year, and if they are capable, give some of them a permanent home.


This is the tree and presents for the pets from last year!