Tuesday, November 28, 2006

thanksgiving funness

I haven't been blogging much. Bad me. I guess I'm just lazy sometimes, but today I loaded some photos in my camera and realized that I had to blog about our Thanksgiving Day this year!

We went to Utah's Hogle Zoo this Thanksgiving! There was a program called "feast with the beast" where the zookeepers gave the animals Thanksgiving treats! Ok we missed all of the feedings, but we had a great time! John's favorite was still the wolves, and we hiked up high behind the fences and watched the wolves up close!

I really enjoyed watching the tiger, the lion, and the giraffe, and oh the red panda was just so cute. And there's this wild boar looking little creature that was pushing his food dish, stirring his food around, and ignored his friends' stares... too cute, too cute! (OK I'm going to find the actual name of this fun animal.)

We didn't make ham like we usually did, but we did make festive udon noodles and other side dishes. Yummy. So visiting the zoo and making noodles can be the new Thanksgiving tradition?

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