Friday, January 22, 2010

what has a-gui been doing?

"What has a-gui been doing?" you ask.

Some of you know a couple weeks ago he had a small puncture wound on his head that eventually made the left side of his head/face HUGE. The wound had been cured and he is all good now.

Then one night we found he might have a "cherry eye." I almost passed out when I saw him that night. John helped massage around his eyes, it went away, and we think he is OK.

Other than these couple of not-so-happy events, a-gui has been growing, playing (by himself, or with Nuki and Yama,) and being happy.

He also really likes to help around the caffe.

He likes to check out all the shelves, especially those behind cupboard doors.

He runs and sits down in front of any cupboard we open, and observes whatever was going on.

He also helps monitor John's espresso-machinese-cleaning and filter-changing process.

And most of the time he offers moral support (while lying down comfortably) when we are making coffee.

a-gui has been busy, you see.

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