Monday, May 24, 2010

victor's birthday

As one of Victor's birthday celebration, Les invited John and I to go join them for a gathering at their friend Jon's place.

Of course Les was cooking and making delicious food for all of us!

food from chef Les!

Oh my! There were seared scallops, spinach with garlic, lamb chops with chorizo and beans, and beef tenderloin with Porcini mushrooms and watercress puree as the main courses, and lots of delicious wines!

seared scallops
Would you look at these super delicious seared scallops?! Les makes the BEST scallops ever!

food from chef Les!
Another shot of the beautiful feast, and the madelein "flower" I made at the bottom left corner.

The wine selections were amazing, and I also had the best port so far in my life last night!

Jon's kitchen
Ahh a beautiful and open kitchen with a nice view and happy people.

wine cellar
And of course there was a temperature-control wine cellar in the kitchen!

We ate, talked, and laughed, and also had chocolate cake and my madeleins for dessert. Good life.

Thanks to Les for inviting us. We got to meet a few new people, too!

Oh and happy birthday to Victor!


Anonymous said...

HI you, i don't know exactly who you are, i was just searching some roy kirkham mugs from his fruit collection and you put the photo of one in 2007. It was then fun to read from you so far from me (i am a French girl living in Paris, France). So i wanted to say hello and i read some of your posts of very yummy food with photographs of cakes and food who seem to really taste good. Your dogs are beautiful too.

yiching said...

Thanks for stopping by jady! You and your family are beautiful!