Monday, May 09, 2011

SCAA 2011 Houston - Day 2.1

Our second day in Houston was filled with coffee happiness.

John (caffe d'bolla), along with Jay (Spro), Kyle (Intelligentsia), and Anthony (Volta) spoke and presented on single-cup brewing.

John, Anthony, Kyle, Jay, and Tracy the moderator.

Great insights.

After the presentation, we headed out to have coffee from Counter Culture before the trade show floor opened.

Pourover from Counter Culture.

I should have remembered what coffee I had, but I was distracted by all the coffee people and coffee talks around me so I totally spaced out on the name of the Single Origin. I think it was a Guatemala. I liked the coffee, even though I believed it was a little bit underextracted. 

Another really awesome thing about these coffee conventions was that you got to see and meet famous coffee stars! :)

We then cupped some coffee and talked to coffee friends.

While John was talking to people, I went over to the BGA bar to have some macchiato. They were out of the demitasses so I had a small, small latte instead.

The barista was cool and serious.

My small small latte. The temperature was a bit too hot for me on this one. I burned my tongue on it.

We also watched part of the brewer's cup competition.

I always love seeing Nick Cho at different coffee-related events. He also made the coolest coffee-tasting slurp  sound I had ever heard.

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