Thursday, November 01, 2012


I bake everything for the shop, and pretty much everyday there will be cookies. I've been making a few different types of cookies: butterscotch, chocolate chips, sweet and salty butterscotch, "blackout", etc..

Since I have to bake everyday, and the making dough part of the cookie baking usually takes a little while, I would make a bigger batch of dough, put it in a container and store in the fridge, and when I'm ready to bake the cookies I'll use a small ice-cream scoop and scoop out the dough onto a cookie sheet to bake. This method has been saving me time and energy, and helping to produce yummy cookies!

Here are a few that I like to make these days:

butterscotch cookies.

mocha chocolate chip cookies.

sweet and salty butterscotch cookies.

"blackout" cookies.

I'm thinking about making pumpkin or more autumn and winter "relevant" cookies one of these days.

mmmmm cookies.

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