Friday, March 01, 2013

Seoul 11.12 - walking to Myeongdong

We took the cable car and Oreumi elevator back down and was ready to go to Myeongdong!

The sun was setting, and the lights of the city came on. It was beautiful.

Myeongdong was within walking distance to where we got off the "mountain climbing" Oreumi elevator.

Along the way we saw a fire station:

And at the base of the "foothill" we saw Shinsegae Department Store and knew Myeongdong was nearby.

We started seeing more people walking on the streets and knew we were there. There were street performers, big lights from stores and coffee shop chains (where most of the time have big celebrity endorsement posters and billboards hanging up hight!)

So what were we going to do in Myeongdong? Eating and shopping, of course!

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