Friday, February 02, 2007


It snowed a little bit again last night, which was a good thing... the sky was a bit clearer after the long inversion in Salt Lake valley the past couple of weeks. I like the snow here in Salt Lake because it's light, fluffy, and overall pleasant. The only thing I don't like is to have to drive in the snow... well, I should say that I don't like how some people drive in the snow.

The dogs love the snow a lot! When the snow is small they'll stand in the backyard and let the fluffy snowflakes fall on their head and their nose, and when it's a bigger storm they'll run around and chase each other and make loud noises. Naicha also enjoys eating the snow.

The snow has stopped since last night, and the inversion and smog are slowly coming back. We've had the worse air quality in the whole U.S. for the past couple of weeks! Not cool, not cool... well at least the dogs didn't seem to mind too much.

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