Sunday, April 01, 2007

the brown stray dog

I was waiting for the traffic light to change and saw this medium-sized dog running from the northwest corner of the intersection toward the southeastern corder with tons of cars in the traffic. A stray dog! My heart started pounding very heavily. And then I noticed that no one is after him. I panicked a bit. I waited for the light to change and then followed the dog. He kept running and running. I did't think he knew where he was going.

He started wondering around the neighborhood. "At least he's off the busy roads," I thought. I parked and tried to get the dog, but he didn't know me, so he kept on going... fast. I got back in the car and there was a lady that saw what I was doing and came to help in her car.

We tried and tried to stop the pooch but he wouldn't stop. He was terrified. He wants to find his people and home but he couldn't. He was probably wondering why I was after him. I was also shocked by the many people who passed by the stray dog and ignored him.

I finally lost him. I was sad. The brown dog reminded me of Yama. Yama is shy and skeptical of strangers. He would have kept running, too, despite the fact that some stranger might want to help him find his home.

I hope the brown dog's people found him, and that he's safe. I then decide to take Yama to different places and have him meet different people. I don't think I can bear the thought of him ever get lost and refuses help from others.

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