Thursday, June 25, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Short night visit to Daikanyama

It was still raining when we left Harajuku, but I was determined to make the best use of my JR Day Pass, and decided to drag John to Daikanyama.

We got on the train from Shibuya and arrived at Daikanyama Station. I've long heard the wonderful little stores and pastry shops at Daikanyama, and I was really excited to visit the area.

daikanyama and blythe
We were there.

daikanyama station
The station was fairly quiet and lovely.

We took the North Exit and saw this bridge that connects the Station and high end apartments "Daikanyama Address."

It was wet and dark, so we didn't go into many of the shops... but we did manage to find a couple of Daikanyama's little "landmarks":



coffee vw
THE VW coffee van.

We saw a few lovely little shops, but we were too wet and a little bit awkward to go in, so we just enjoyed the pretty window displays in the rain.

We walked around for a while, and returned to near the train station. We saw the front of the Daikanyama Address buildings and its signature stairway that's shown in a couple of my favorite Japanese dramas. It was too dark and wet for me to take any decent photos, so I just enjoyed being there.

We saw a little sign across street indicating there's Pancake Cafe up a stairway, so off we went.

pancake cafe

It was a lovely little cafe, with cute and frienly staff. A girl lead us to a couple of window seats:

pancake cafe window

John and I each ordered a small meal and a pot of tea.

hamburger set
The "Hamburger Set." Soft and delicious beef. Served with a cup of flavorful clear soup.

omelette set
The "Omlette Set." What's with the tiny but super delish sausage?!. Served with a cup of soup.

The server girl was so cute and nice. The cafe was so lovely and warm. We were so relaxed and happy... like all the customers at the cafe.


Daikanyama will be one of the first places I want to visit when I'm in Tokyo next time. I'll arrive dry and early.

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