Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas dinner

We had a quiet and happy Christmas dinner (on Christmas Eve actually.)

christmas dinner

John baked a 7 lbs. ham with maple glaze. Yummer. I made mashed sweet potatoes and corn with Japanese spices, and we also had roasted garlic cloves and tomatoes, as well as buttery rolls with the dinner. Delish.

We also had some tiramisu for dessert, but it was not as good as I expected...

Most of the gifts John and I "requested" this year were for our dogs. We didn't have to get too many things for our friends and families, but we did manage to get our loved ones something they love!

EC showed us how happy she was when she opened one of her gifts:

I can't tell you what we got her for Christmas, but it made her really happy!

And of course we spend a lot of time with the dogs this weekend. I love it. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!

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