Monday, February 22, 2010

loveland bunnies

John and I were at a drive-through very late the night we arrived at Loveland. After we got our sandwiches we saw a bunch (really!) of little fluffs bouncing across the lawn in front of the us.

Out of curiosity, we pulled up to park and watched them.

wild bunnies
A few of them saw our headlights and stopped.

wild bunnies
These were wild bunnies!

wild bunnies
They just stood still the whole time.

I think they knew they were being watched, and therefore really tried to stay still so they could blend in with the tan-ish lawn as to not be noticed at all.

But I spotted them, and they were cute!

The next few evenings we saw a few more near the hotel partking lot, too.

Cute Loveland bunnies!

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