Monday, July 12, 2010

my first cake roll

I made my first cake roll!

cake roll
Chiffon cake with a matcha green tea whipped cream center.

The chiffon cake turned out very well. Whipping the egg whites (until "soft peaks" can be formed) before adding them to the cake batter really made a difference. The cake was soft and moist. Yumminess!

I whipped the cream until whisk lines could form, and added sugar and matcha green tea, to make the matcha whipped cream. Oh my. It was tasty.

cake roll slice
Ready to eat!

I wasn't able to roll the cake and whipped cream all round and pretty... but I guess it would take some practice before I would be able to make pretty cake rolls, but overall I'm happy with the finished product! Next time I'll make the whipped cream even more matcha-y as well.

Yay for cake rolls!

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Anonymous said...

omg! will you come bake for me?