Thursday, August 19, 2010

cupcake cake

For the second basic decorating class we learned to ice a layered cake, use round decorating tips to make designs, and use piping gel to transfer a design onto a cake.

And to put all these techniques to practice we were to choose to make either a fish cake (a cake with a fish design on it,) or a cupcake cake. I was planning on making a fish cake because I thought most people in class were going to make the cupcake cake, but then when the instructor asked, most people (I think it was everyone but me!) were making the fish cake! I switched to the cupcake design at the last minute.

It was a 9-inch cake.

I was slow at decorating the cake, so I layered my cake, iced it (without too much of smoothing), and made the cupcake design on it (while my classmates decorated their fish cakes with the fish, borders, and such).

Whoa! My first iced cake! Gonna use the color gel more sparingly next time, though.

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