Monday, March 05, 2012

Paris 2011 - wines, the airport, and paris

One of the funnest things in Paris was that wine was always readily available. We could even find good wines (that were very affordable) even at the supermarkets.

I think each person can bring back two bottles of wines in their luggage to bring back to the U.S. from Europe, but if you sorta want to get yourself a few more liquid treat, you can get more at the wine and liquor stores at the duty-free shops at the airport. And for these, you can bring back in well-packaged bags or special cases onto the plane with you.

Before we hopped on the plane to fly back to Salt Lake City, we visited the duty-free wine stores at CDG Airport. There were lots of choices!

Wine-buying was a serious matter.

And after buying wine we were ready to fly home.

Ahh Paris.

I guess this could be the last post about this Paris trip. I am now remembering the first morning we were in Paris:

And the last morning before we left Paris:

I must visit this beautiful city again!

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