Thursday, March 08, 2012

miscellaneous shop stuff

Now that I have completed blogging (partially cheated with mostly photos and only a few words, I know,) about Paris, I am going to blog about small everyday things once again! I thought I'd write about a few little things that John and I have been doing at the shop.

First of all, John's been roasting a lot! Lots of Single Origin coffees and some espressos, and different espresso blends. Delicious coffees "on tap" and also on the siphon. Ahh I love coffee!

Oh, and we changed our coffee packaging to these new bags! John also got a sealer to seal the top of the bags. The zip-lock feature is also awesome.

We've also been blending our own teas. The leaves in this photo are dried mint leaves.

John's coffee education classes are also going well. He made a little video clip a while ago to encourage people to sign up for the classes. The video is simple, but to the point! :) And even though John probably wouldn't think this is the right word to describe his video, but I really think the video is CUTE!

Always good times at the shop!

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