Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The other day I made my first bibimbap!

I know there are more complicated ways of preparing the vegetables and meat(s), but I went for the slightly simpler route... I cooked the ground beef and seasoned it with a little bit of soy sauce, sugar, and pepper, and then boil carrots, soy bean sprouts, and shitake mushrooms (separately) in water that I dropped in a little bit of sesame oil. When the vegetables and mushrooms became slightly tender, strain and season them with sugar, hondashi, and sesame oil. I then chopped some kimchi and yellow pickled radishes, and also fried an egg to put on top of everything. All these delicious food ingredients on a bed of rice, with some bibimbap sauce (I got a little bottle from the Korean market... it was a combination of fruit puree and gochujiang)... and use your spoon to mix everything all together... voila!

Mine was a fairly simple version of bibimbap, but it was yummy and I loved it!

I've seen people use sliced beef (instead of ground,) other types of vegetables (such as cucumbers or other slightly pickled vegetables) and mushrooms for bibimbap. A lot of people also prefer a raw egg in the center (instead of a fried sunny-side-up.) But one of the great things about bibimbap is that you can use whatever meats and vegetables that you like!

The second time I made bibimbap I just boil and season all the vegetables and mushrooms together and laid them on rice. I figured I'd just mix everything up very soon after anyhow. :p It was not as pretty, but still delicious.

I love bibimbap!

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