Saturday, January 12, 2013

Viet is cool

Our super awesome and talented friend chef Viet Pham beat Bobby Flay and won on Iron Chef of America!

The show was of course filmed a few months ago, and it must have been difficult for Viet not (and he couldn't) share the results with anyone until the show first aired on the Food Network Sunday night.

John and I brought pork belly sliders (with spicy pickles) to the Pham vs. Flay viewing potluck party at Naked Fish on Sunday. It was so much fun!

We watched as Viet used ground meats and created 5 dishes within an hour to impress the judges. His first dish was soft scrambled eggs topped with maple syrup, sausage, and cream, served in an egg shell, and that got him 14 out of 15 total possible points!

From then on he kept making phenomenal food and for the final dish, he made the judges dessert -- beef fat (!) ice-cream! That's right. Ice-cream made with ground beef drippings, and served with cherries cooked two ways, and topped with beef fat powder (!), cocoa, and ground beef crumble!

Oh my! I've had Viet's soft scrambled eggs and they were delicious, but ice-cream made with ground beef drippings? I've gotta have him let us try some soon!!! But then I realize Viet is a big celebrity now, and with his new projects it will probably be a while before I could taste that beef fat wonder.

Anyhow, we are all so happy for and proud of Viet! He is so deserving yet so humble. He's awesome!

at the viewing party. fuzzy version.

at the viewing party. red happy face version.

Yay for Viet!

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