Monday, February 04, 2013

Seoul 11.12 - Pink

When we finally found the Hoehyeong Underground Shopping Center, we also found one of the stores I wanted to visit down there pretty soon. It's Pink!

Pink and the owner of the shop.

You can find good skincare and personal care products for a good price at Pink. Of course the more you buy, the more discount the owner would give you. He would also help recommend products that suit your needs. Pretty cool, I think.

Here I purchased quite a few sheet masks (photos in a later post.) These were usually in packs of 5 or 10. I asked the owner which masks were better, and he recommended the ones in cute doll-shape foil pouches. The other kinds were in classic rectangular foil pouches. There are ginseng, red wine, snail cream (!), and other interesting varieties! Nice. 

I also bought a couple Laneige "sleeping packs," which were jelly-like masks you put and leave on your face before bed. You'll then wash the mask off with water in the morning. During your sleep the sleeping pack (or what's left of it on your face... I'd think most of it probably would get on your pillow cases... ) will help hydrate and nourish your skin, so when you get up in the morning your skin is all "dewy" and happy! I have yet to try mine, but from what I read this product is promising. Oh, and Pink apparently has some of the best prices for these.

The last thing I bought at Pink was the snail cream (!) hand lotions. They work very well and both John and I really liked it.

Pink is near exit 12 of Hoehyeong Underground Shopping Center, between a bag store and a camera store, in case you're interested in visiting this little shop with tons of goodies.

Oh, and the entrance/exit to the Hoehyeong Underground Shopping Center is on the right of a cool fountain when you face the twin towers, as show below:

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