Friday, March 09, 2007

vote for caffe d'bolla

Every year around February and March there's the "Best of Utah" thing going on on City Weekly, and certain places always win. I've never thought of encouraging people to vote us for "Best Coffee House" because I understand we're probably not going to win because more or less it's a popularity contest and we may not be the most popular place in town because of we are very particular about drink making and some people may think we've got some attitude going on.

But we do strive for excellence, and I start to realize this needs to be recognized. I know the deadline for "Best of Utah" is approaching (March 14) but I told John I believe it will benefit us is enough people mention us in their ballots, even if we don't win.

So, please vote caffe d'bolla for "Best Coffee House" online at or fill out a ballot in a paper copy of City Weekly.

If you vote online, please also let City Weekly know of your favorite item at caffe d'bolla at the bottom of the ballot, such as "Best Espresso", "Best Latte", "Best Bubble Tea", "Best Latte Art", "Best Gelato", etc.

John and I promise to continue to set the standard for excellence in Utah and to bring you the best drinks possible. Your votes are greatly appreciated.

Deadline is March 14th! Please vote for caffe d'bolla and its drinks, and tell your friends to vote, too!

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