Monday, June 04, 2007

swedish funness

We finally went down to the new IKEA yesterday, and while we were tempted to get one of everything, we managed to only take a few specs of tables and shelves. I think I'll be getting a VIKA series table for my little work area "studio" in the back of the caffe... similar to the one below, but with a wood tabletop instead of glass.

How did we get to go to IKEA without getting anything? Of course we got a little somethin' somethin'. I spotted these Bilar "chewy candy cars" and got a bag. I thought they'd have gummy bears' texture, but they actually had a bubble-gum chewiness and flavors (but you do swallow them after you chew them.) Interesting.

bilar chewy candy cars

John got a small box of Swedish cakes, which were actually like chocolate covered nut rolls. Yummy.

swedish cake

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