Thursday, July 23, 2009


John made a reservation for us at Caputo's Tipica for our a-couple-days-late anniversary dinner on Thursday.

view from parking lot
Our reservation was at 9pm. It was still bright outside.

There it was.

on the table
We were led to a table right outside the restaurant, on the patio.

on the patio
Looking out onto the patio.

An appetizer was brought out while we were deciding.

july menu
July menu. EVERYTHING sounded great!

We decided to order two items from each main menu section(!) to share. Ahh!

First the salads:

Baby Arugula
Baby Arugula.

Shaved pecorino fulvi, dried peaches, basil moscatel vinaigrette. Oh my. My mom would never believe this, but I'd saying, "this salad is sooooo yummy."

Roasted Marrow Bone
Roasted Marrow Bone.

Pickled beef tongue, frisee, lemon-truffle vinaigrette, grilled baguette. Roasted bone marrow on toasted baguette = OMG yumminess. I have to admit we didn't finish the greens on this one... got to save room for more entrees.

For the pasta:

Arugula-Tarragon Pesto Bucatini
Arugula-Tarragon Pesto Bucatini.

... with edible flowers and 3-year-aged parmagiano reggiano. So rich and creamy. And to John - I was right about the temperature!

Piedmontese Beef and Porcini Ragout
Piedmontese Beef and Porcini Ragout.

... with roasemary wheat pappardelle. Meaty rich and delicious!

And you thought we were done? Not quite. We ordered some more.

wall light
While waiting I took some photos. I really liked the lamp above my head.

And someone was being silly.

on the patio
The sun went down. It was quiet and cool. I loved it!

looking in from the patio
Behind me.

We were sipping the wine our lovely server lady suggested, talking, and laughing. Good life.

And then the risotto came:

We were getting full at this point, but I MUST have the risotto!

Rich Seafood and Baby Tomato Carnaroli Risotto
Rich Seafood an Baby Tomato Carnaroli Risotto.

... with seared tuna, bergomot aioli. This was probably THE BEST risotto I had ever had. Enough said. I had about 95% of it (and "shared" the 5% with John,) as John told chef Adam.

Slide Ridge Pioneer Onion Vialone nana Risotto
Slide Ridge Pioneer Onion Vialone nano Risotto.

... I was totally occupied with the seafood risotto, but I did taste this dish, and it reminded me of some Taiwanese cooking... very comforting and delicious.

above the table
Another shot of the lamp above my head. I really like it.

And then of course there was dessert!

Pastry with figs.

... topped with rosemary(?) whipped cream. A very "grown-up" and delicious dessert.

To simply sum it up: The food was GREAT. The service was SPOT-ON. Chef Adam was AMAZING. It was AWESOME.

Thanks Adam!

It was a lovely, lovely anniversary dinner.

And did I mention Tipica was SUPERB?

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