Wednesday, July 01, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Ikebukuro: Yakiniku Joan

After the wet night at Daikanyama, John and I went back to the hotel, cleaned up, and watched funny Japanese TV shows for a while.

Then we got hungry after midnight(!) John remembered reading about a yakiniku (Japanese way of Korean-style barbeque) place that's not too far from the hotel. I checked it out online and learned that Yakiniku Joan was open until 5 in the morning... so off we went!

We walked through the Ikebukuro Station and exit from the East gate. We followed the map I drew (off its website) and found the restaurant!

Inside the restaurant there were still quite a few customers. I guess everyone wanted late night yakiniku. Yakiniku Joan offers three levels of "courses," where you choose from different menus, and it's an all-you-can-eat style. You order some items, finish them, and then order more.

I don't remember which course we chose... I'm thinking it was the top course. The meats and choices were great.

yakiniku grill
Our table.

japanese beef
We didn't know which parts of beef we liked, so we chose a few different ones to start with.

And yes, we just pointed at the ones we would like to try. They were all really good!

Hmm... yakiniku!

After trying out the different kinds of beef, we sort of knew what we liked, and then we ordered a few rounds of different super yummy beef. There's a button on the table, and if you need the server you can get his attention by pushing the button (similar to the flight attendant button thingy on the plane.)

japanese beef

fatty japanese beef
Some delicious fatty beef... they did shrink down after you grill them, though, since a lot of the fat will drip away...

I didn't take a picture of everything we got, but all I remember now was, "ahhh. Those were so yummy!"

There was also salad (with yummy dressing.)

And cold tofu with delicious sauces.

Many side dishes for people to choose from. The couple at the table next to ours were having rice, pickles, and other stuff. John and I each got a small bowl of rice... and then we just ate a bunch of yummy beef.

green tea ice-cream
Green tea ice-cream for dessert.

M.m.m.m.m. Yakiniku.

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