Thursday, July 16, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] The Imperial Palace - part 2

The officer guided us through a couple large gates (while instructing us to push "17 ando 18" on the English voice guide.

And then we saw this:

at the imperial palace

The officer quickly told us what the building was, but we really had no clue...

And then we saw a huge group of people, and an official Imperial Palace tour guide. Apparently the whole group was waiting for us!? We were a little embarrassed, but the people smiled and said hi. *blush*

Off we went with the group to see the whole Imperial Palace ground.

at the imperial palace
I think some government officials actually work in here.

The whole Imperial Palace ground was divided into different sections with huge stone walls and trees.

OK, so I don't really remember everything I heard on the English audio or from the tour guide, but I did enjoy the beautiful scenery and the people!

rain guide
I love these rain guides.

at th eimperial palace
The "Pine Cone." I believe the Royal family meets people on the belcony.

Looking toward the "outside."

at the imperial palace
A place the visitors couldn't get too closed to. We looked at it on a bridge.

big lamps
Big lamps on the bridge. They were huge!

at the imperial palace
I wonder if anyone lives in there.

at the imperial palace
Whoever is in there should have a great view of the city.

I wonder if the members of the Royal Family are the only people who can go into these awesome buildings.

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