Wednesday, June 02, 2010

bamboo shoot stew

I was at the Asian market and saw tall cans of bamboo shoots. Normally I got the short and stubby bamboo shoot tips (the ones that look like little pyramids,) but these ones in the tall cans seemed to be whole bamboo shoots of a skinner variety. I bought a can out of curiosity.

Couple days ago I wanted to make my soy sauce stew with chicken and quail eggs, and decided to put in the whole can of these bamboo shoots.

bamboo shoot stew

I put in soy sauce (both regular and dark), rice wine, water, rock sugar, chives, five-spice, couple whole star anise, red peppers, and a spice/herb pouch, and cook everything in the slow cooker on high for about 5 hours.

bamboo shoot stew

I love how the bamboo shoots turned out! John did think the bottoms of the bamboo shoots got a bit rough, though. They were, however, exactly how I thought bamboo shoots ought to be. Maybe next time I will cut the whole bamboo shoots into sections.

Gonna go to the market and get a couple more cans of the bamboo shoots to add to my stew. I think I'll get the short kind this time, though.

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