Wednesday, June 23, 2010

box of lychee

My friend Joyce came and said that her sister had sent her a present. She would like me to open it with her because she knew I'd appreciate the present as much as she would.

box of lychee from taiwan
It was a box of lychee from Taiwan!

The packaging was super old-school. My grandfather was a citrus fruit farmer, and there was always these super solid "fruit boxes" in the storage at his house.

Anyhow, this box of lychee brought back so many memories!

But this was not a regular box of fruit of lychee:

box of lychee from taiwan
It was a cute-tiny-little box!

It had all the "markings" of a traditional Taiwanese fruit box... stamps, trademarks, inspection forms, columns to fill in... you name it. It was awesome!

And what exactly was inside?

lychee candies
Lychee candies!

These delicious little lychee candies were soft and delicious, and they tasted EXACTLY like fresh lychee fruit. Oh my.

Ahhh. Lychee...

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