Tuesday, April 12, 2011

food in taiwan

I ate a lot when I was in Taiwan.

I was organizing some of the photos of the food I had, and realized there were just too many of them!

Prior to getting to Taiwan, I was planning on eating all these different foods that always reminded me of home.

The first night John and I was in Taiwan we went to this chicken rice place. This place has been at the same location for decades. Everything seemed familiar, but there were just a lot more people dining in these days.

This was it. The first bite of "Taiwanese flavor" for me during the trip.

The next few days were packed with food, from my mom and dad, grandma, relatives and friends, restaurants, and street vendors; and there were two things that I "craved" the most, and just couldn't get enough of:

fish roe slices.

bell fruit. (some people call them water apples.)

But all and all, it was the time that I spent with my family getting, cooking, and/or enjoying food that I loved the most.

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