Monday, February 13, 2012

Paris 2011 - at the food court

After visiting Louvre and checking out some stores at the mall, we had a late lunch at the food court inside the mall.

The food at the food court (Restaurant du Monde) was not our typical "mall food" at all. The selections and quality was great!

I was thinking about either Spanish or French food...

And I chose French! The restaurant was called Beaudevin.

Both John and I chose the meal options. I picked the grilled chicken with two vegetables (carrots and spinach) and a salad (cucumber). John picked the York ham with two vegetables (green beans and carrots) and a dessert (chocolate tart). We shared the cucumbers and the dessert. The food was yummy!

Oh my goodness. The meats were cooked very well and delicious, but the vegetables were super awesome! Seriously, French people have talents cooking their vegetables.


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