Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Paris 2011 - i had Chinese food for lunch

John and I had Chinese food once when I was in Paris!

We walked by this little semi-fast food Chinese place where people are pointing and ordering food from a fairly large display case (like those for pastries or gelato.) The food actually looked good, so we thought, hey, maybe we could try some Parisian Chinese fast food, and we did!

Luckily the owners spoke Mandarin, so I asked how we would order (even though I probably ordered food wrong anyhow,) and got some fast and pretty good Chinese food!

Chicken with black mu-er, and roasted duck in yummy sauce.

The chicken was ok, but the duck was really delicious! There was no bones, just a box full of sliced duck breasts with sweet and pungent sauce. Yum.

Fried rice and saucy rice noodles.

Ok this was when I thought I misunderstood the lady taking my order... she gave me a little mountain-full of rice and another little mountain-full of rice noodles. We didn't finish the food, except for the sliced duck.

This boy was awesome!

The boy sitting near by was eating his food with a fork an a knife, and he was using the utensils very properly... cutting the food with the knife, and using the knife to gather food onto his fork before eating (instead of using fingers like I usually do.) He was also very polite and poured water for his mom and little sister. So cute!

I enjoyed my quick Chinese food adventure in Paris.

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