Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Paris 2011 - roasted pork "knuckles"

After the Eiffel Tower it was getting late, and John and I were hungry, so we walked around the Latin Quarter (near the hotel) and looked for yummy things to have.

We eventually got into a Greek restaurant that served roasted pork and seafood. We were drawn in by an open-pit rotisserie by the front window and yummy-looking meats and seafood display!

Ham hocks!

A manager who danced with the music the whole time, and a tall and handsome waiter. Couldn't go wrong with that!



I got the Pork "knuckle," as told by the manager who recommended the dish. I think it was half a ham hock (so I guess it was in theory half a "knuckle.") It was really interesting (and amusing) when the manager explained the "knuckle" part to me.

John got the Roasted Suckling Pig (portion).

We were skeptical at first, thinking the joint might have been a tourist trap (because it was in the center of the Latin Quarter and most diners WERE tourists.) However the pork was roasted well, and the potato and rice were both yummy as well. Good find!

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