Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Seoul 11. 12 - Manoffin

There are many coffee and pastry chains in Korea, and while in Seoul we saw plenty of them all over the city. Another place these shops usually locate is inside a subway station.

One of the ones we tried was Manoffin. It's a chain that specialized in "designer" muffins, along with coffee beverages.

The one we visited was inside the Hoehyeon station, where we got off to go to Nandaemun Market.

Of course I was sucked in by the cute little muffins sitting in the display case!

They all looked so yummy, so John and I decided to each get a muffin!

While we were ordering the muffin the cashier girl asked what we would like to drink (or I thought that was what she was saying,) and we said just the muffins were fine. Another boy came by and started talking English, and explained to us that drinks came with the muffins (or so I understood,) so John and I each got a small hot Americano. I was thinking of an iced Americano, but the guy explained that was not included.

John and I got "Black Tea Prince" and a chocolate chip one. I wanted the black tea one, and John was actually pointing at another chocolate-type muffin, but the chocolate chip one seemed fine as well.

There were a small group of ajuma sitting at the tables by the shop, and there was one little spot left! So John me sit down while he stood as we were ready to dive in our cool little muffins.

An ajuma saw John, and moved a little bit to the side, patted on the bench and wanted John to sit down as well. That was really cute and nice.

So John and I sat down on our little spots on the bench, and started enjoying our Manoffins!

I really enjoyed the Black Tea Prince muffin. The batter had chopped black teas in it and it was aromatic and delicious. John liked his chocolate chip muffin as well. It was very chocolate-y!

And the Americano was not bad. A little too diluted for my taste, and John's comment on it was, "not offensive." There was probably only a single shot in the cup so it was light, but it was actually better than a lot of Americanos I've had here in the U.S..

All and all I enjoyed Manoffin!

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