Saturday, December 15, 2012

Seoul 11.12 - Issac breakfast toast sandwiches

One of the places I wanted to try for quick and convenient breakfast prior to arriving Seoul was Issac. Issac is a breakfast-y toast sandwich and beverage chain, and quite a few people rave about it. So the first breakfast we had in Seoul, we went to Issac.

There's an Issac conveniently located near Western COOP Residence (where we stayed at) in Dongdaemum. It's in the small street that's next to the Lotteria, and across from the Dongdaemun History and Culture Park station (exit 12).

When we got there the ladies at Issac were making butter toasts and square eggs on the griddle. So cool. And yes, the shape of the fried eggs was square, so when you put the eggs in with your toasts, you get to have some eggs in every bite!

I think both John and I got the steak MVP, since that was one of the only things I could read on the menu (because it was in Japanese, and yes there was Japanese on the menu alongside Korean.) However, I was pretty sure that the lady who took and made our orders gave us something else, because there was ham in our sandwiches... but who cares, the toasts were OMG deeeeliiiicious!

Who'd think, something that looked so simple (butter toasts, meats, cheeses, square eggs, and shredded lettuce) could be so yummy!

And we came back the morning we were leaving Seoul as well, and the toast sandwiches were super delicious as well, and will totally deserve another little blog post all of their own.

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