Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sunday zoo funness

This past Sunday John and I took EC to have her early birthday lunch at our favorite dim sum place in town, "Golden Dragon," and then we went to the zoo.

There were a lot of pople at the zoo... families mostly. It's interesting to see how many kids are just so happy to see the animals, and others are semi-screaming. It was the parents' fault, I think. Some parents talk to the children and the others just let the kids scream. booo.

Anyhow, I saw some of my favorite animal friends again, and here are some photos I took:

lady giraffe
This little giraffe is sitting down like a lady.

friendly goat
This friendly guy sniffed and licked John's hand.

A sloth hanging on a tree. He was shy and wouldn't show his face for the camera.

Close encounter with the rhino! He was so big!

black bears
Black bears hanging out on the log and playing.

An elephant playing with a ball, and trying to get the treats out of it.

More photos on our flickr Hogle Zoo album.

Utah's Hogle Zoo is awesome!

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