Wednesday, September 09, 2009

at Daena's mom's

Shawn and Daena were engaged! This past Monday (Labor Day) we went down to Pleasant Grove to Daena's mom's house for the engagement BBQ party!

I took a few pictures, and then realized just now I didn't take pictures of Shawn and Daena together, or their families, or the food! Hmm.

little veggie garden
Daena's mom had a couple of these little veggie gardens in the backyard. Great idea!

green pepper
An awesome green pepper waiting to be picked up.

daena and junior
Daena posed with the big kitty Junior.

I brought the sesame cold noodles and people liked it! I was glad. The BBQ was fun. I even tried some veggie hot dogs. Interesting.

I hadn't been down to Utah County for so long, and things have changed quite a bit. There were tons of new houses and newly developed areas. Pretty cool.

And we saw a lot of paragliders when we drove by Draper. Looked fun!

Congrats Shawn and Daena!

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