Friday, September 18, 2009


I was at Petsmart and saw this little guy that was totally adorable. I called him Brownie.


He was a Bloodhond and Lab mix, waiting to be adopted, along with a few other Coonhound puppies and other lovely dogs.

I wish I could bring him home, but it's not quite the time for our family yet... maybe after Torsion is "reunited" with Joyce later this year.

He was very happy and mellow.

He was a gentle guy, but he could also play with other dogs very well. He reminds me of Nuki!

He is still patiently waiting for a great family to call his own.

He's with C.A.R.E of Sevier Valley right now, and I hope he finds a good home soon!

I *heart* Brownie!

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