Saturday, September 05, 2009


I was putting things away (and organizing) and found this little gift my friend Nobu gave me a while back when he came back from Japan:


"What is this?" You may ask.

There are actually two things in the bag. A back scratcher and a ear scratcher.

"Hmm. Interesting gifts." You may say.

Yes. I think they were interesting gifts, too. But the one thing that really intrigued me was what the Japanese (and Kanji) word for the back scratcher: "孫の手(magonote)," which literally means "grandchild's hand."

A gradnchild's hand! That just sounded so interesting! I was giggling for a while.

I know some people would wonder why you'd need an ear scratcher... but apparently people do.

And yes, I get very easily amused.

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