Tuesday, September 22, 2009

babies at Utah's Hogle Zoo

This past Sunday John and I went to the zoo with Shawn and Daena. We HAD to check out the babies and other wonderful animals at the zoo.

christie and zuri
Christie the African elephant and little Zuri (baby girl.) Awww.

Baby Zuri was very active... she walked around, picking up little sticks with her nose, climbed over little concrete obstacles, and played with little rocks.

Zuri trying to climb over a low concrete barrier.

I *heart* baby Zuri!

black bear
One of the Black Bears was eating a rack of ribs.

black bear
And the other guy was just chillin' by the canel.

penguin got a fish
It was lunch time for the penguins.

red panda
Aww the red panda was (sort of) looking a the camera!

red panda
The red panda was cleaning himself for a while, and he just looked so cute!

baby giraffe
Baby giraffe!

This little (but still tall) guy was chewing something the whole time we were there.

Not too far from the giraffes are the Asian Highlanders. I love the Asian Highland cats!

Not one, not two, but THREE baby tigers!

The leopard was taking a nap.

My battery started to die off, so there weren't many more photos taken after this... but there were so many lovely animals and little creatures.

I love seeing the animals at the zoo... but there were a couple animals that made me sad: the Sand Cat and the wolf... both of them were circling their areas over and over. I think the Sand Cat probably needed more fun activities or a larger space, and the wolf needs a companion (or a pack!)

Where did the other pack members go?

There were more babies at the zoo such as meerkats and golden monkeys. They were too cute.

Oh, and Daena went into the prairie dog (gopher?) holes:


It was fun.

I think I'm going to the zoo again soon.

More photos here.

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