Monday, August 15, 2011

San Francisco 07.11 (1) - Kabuki & JapanTown

For John and my 10th (!) anniversary we went to San Francisco. I was hoping that we could go to Northern Japan, but we couldn't really take too much time off at this time of the year, so I figured, "if we can't go to Japan right now, we can at least go to JapanTown in San Francisco!"

We stayed at Hotel Kabuki and it was a nice and relaxing stay. There were some silly things that happened at the beginning of our stay, but the staff and the general manager of the hotel took care of us well. I surely will return.

View of JapanTown from the hotel.

And what did we do when we were in JapanTown? Eat and do Japanese-y things! :D

We had some casual Japanese meals that reminded me of the little eateries at the train stations in Japan. (This one was taken at Mifune restaurant.)

The Peace Plaza was nice, too.

And yes we had to do tourist-y things as well. (Ok, ok. I made John pose for this one.)

One of the things that was really great during this trip was that the temperature in San Francisco was just about perfect for me. It was breezy and cool, and in the late afternoons there were fogs!

It was beautiful.

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