Wednesday, August 17, 2011

San Francisco 07.11 (3) - Japanese Tea Garden

Another "Japanese-y" thing we thought of doing while in San Francisco was to visit the Japanese Tea Garden.

I thought it was filled with tea trees (!) but it was a beautiful Japanese-style garden with all sorts of plantation domestic or foreign.

The garden was not huge, but there were plenty of beautiful things to see. One of my favorite was the Taiko Bashi (Taiko Bridge). It was simply stunning! The only sad thing was that I would really like to take a photo of the bridge all by itself, but as visitors climbed up there, some people chose to sit down and had a long chat, causing an occasional "traffic jam," and/or making my Taiko-Bashi-solo photo shoot impossible. Oh well. I still like the bridge greatly.

And that was a nice and peaceful morning in the Japanese Tea Garden.

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