Wednesday, August 24, 2011

san Francisco 07.11 (7) - Fun Treats at JapanTown

There were two places in JapanTown that I visited multiple times for delicious treats during our most recent trip. 

The first one was Andersen's Bakery inside JapanTown Mall. 

My favorite at Andersen's Bakery? Creamy French. These are little French bread slit length-wise and filled with creamy custard. OMG yumminess.

The other one was the little Japanese-dessert-drink-treat place (not sure if it had a name, but it's in the same building of JapanTown Mall as Sapporoya, in the center hall area.

John and I visited for quick and simple Ujikintoki Kakigori (matcha green tea-azuki bean-shaved ice dessert.)


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