Thursday, August 18, 2011

San Francisco 07.11 (4) - Picasso at de Young

One of my favorite things during our recent San Francisco trip was seeing the Picasso exhibit at de Young Museum.

de Young Museum is located at the Golden Gate Park, and we couldn't miss it on our way to the Japanese Tea Garden because of its unique landscapes and architecture.

Of course cameras were not allowed inside the exhibit. This was taken at the entrance.

Picasso is inspiring. I adore his work greatly. Every time I see a Picasso (in person, in books, or in exhibits,) I think of the days back in junior high and high school art classes where I would pretend I was Picasso, trying to imitate him, to get into his "mindset," and to come up with these silly paintings that was of course nowhere like Picasso's when I worked on my projects. That, for sure, is a totally different subject and may be worth of another post of its own.

Ahh. And as a side note, the one restroom I went in to at de Young had this beautiful Tiffany Blue that was just intriguing to me.

I was so glad I saw the Picasso exhibit. I left mesmerized and was totally in love.

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