Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paris 2011 - Christophe

One of my favorite meals while in Paris was dinner at Christophe.

Before I begin blogging about this dining experience, I must quote from Christophe's web site:

"Avertissements: si vous êtes de mauvaise humeur, si vous n'aimez pas les viandes un peu grasses, si vous n'aimez pas les viandes et les poissons pas trop cuits, si vous n'aimez pas le beurre, si vous n'avez pas un bon appétit, si vous aimez le coca cola, si vous aimez les plats relevés: pour votre plaisir et le notre veuillez aller ailleurs !"

and the above translated directly (according to Google Translate) is:

"Warning: If you are in a bad mood, if you do not like the meat a little fat, if you do not like meat and fish not overcooked, if you do not like butter, if you do not have a good appetite, if you like coca cola, if you like spicy dishes: for your pleasure and ours please go elsewhere!"

John made a reservation at the restaurant, and we walked there after the little "fire scare" at the hotel. We almost got lost on our way, and when we got there we were about half an hour late. The Chef and the Maitre D' (yes I believe there were only two people working at the restaurant... and they were the best!) were kind and greeted us with warm and happy greetings.

The restaurant was cozy and intimate.

The menu.

The utensils and a fun placemat.

The wine.

The water.

We went for the 3-course meal. Each of us got an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. While we waited for our food I enjoyed the mellow and relaxed atmosphere, and watching the patrons at the other tables enjoy lively conversations, food, and wine.

What I had observed was that patrons would eat, drink, and sometimes takes a little "break" and went outside to either smoke or get fresh air, and came back into the restaurant and enjoy more food and wine and conversations. They took their time, and it was inspiring and cool.

Foie gras de canard.

Both of us had the foie gras for appetizer. It was like eating butter, if I may be honest, and I mean it in a good way, the perfectly toasted pieces of bread was just right to accompany the foie gras. The flavors were intense and delicious.

The bottle opener.

This bottle opener was mounted on a wood board and on top of a wine barrel. It got used a lot that evening. French people loved their wine, and so did we!

The painting that was above me on the wall.

Agneau de Lozère, gigot confit et croustillant, carottes.

I had the leg of lamb with carrots. The lamb was tender and masterfully seasoned and prepared, and the carrots were also cooked to perfection. Perfection!

Cochon Basque, l'epaule rôtie, polenta.

John had the roasted Cochon Basque pork shoulder with polenta. Hats off to the chef. Everything was cooked to bring out its best flavors and the textures were phenomenal!

Ananas rôti.

I chose the roasted pineapple for dessert. It was tangy and sweet, with aromatic buttery "juice" all over it. Delish.

Mousse chocolat 75% cacao, croustillant à la praline.

John had the 75% cocoa chocolate mousse with crispy praline biscuits. Yum. Yum. Yum.

The bill. It was neatly rolled into a tiny scroll! I loved it.

We were the last table of the evening. At the end of the night there were the Chef, the Maitre D' and us. We never felt rushed. (John actually went over to ask for the bill because we didn't want to keep them there too much longer... even though they were doing their end-of-the day things and allowing us to continue enjoying ourselves.) We enjoyed our food, wine, the company of the Chef and the Maitre D', and every little thing about this fantastic restaurant.

I admired the Chef's passion and skills to make his cuisine a most delicious art for us to enjoy. Christophe is a place I want to return and enjoy over and over.

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