Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paris 2011 - Sainte-Chapelle

We stayed in line for a while to get into Sainte-Chapelle because the securities would control how many people they allowed in onto the premises.

While waiting in line there was a street performer who wore a mask and scared people who walked by. It was funny in a way, but I also noticed some people got angry and mad at him. I guess he did get (almost) everyone's attention.

Wikipedia has a pretty detailed write-up on Sainte-Chapelle.

We were in!

I thought what I saw so far was splendid, until I walked upstairs and saw this:

My camera and my poor skills could not capture the magnificent interior of Sainte-Chapelle. All I could do was to take it all in with my own eyes, and not ever forget its beauty.

Ahh it was stunning.

The stairway back down.

Outside. The courthouse was next door so I supposed the gentleman in this photo was a judge?

I found him at the corner by the exit. I wonder who he was.

The exit lead to the little square in front of the courthouse.

A cool officer in a simple and modern security booth.

The gate by the exit.

Royal, and splendid it was.

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