Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paris 2011 - Cluny

Cluny is France's National Museum of the Middle Ages. John had been looking forward to visiting it as soon as we arrived Paris, but the idea was not as interesting to me until I actually visited the place. It was phenomenal!

By the entrance.

There were lots of delicately crafted items from the Middle Ages displayed throughout the museum. I was amazed and inspired by the quality and detailed work of the skilled artisans. Many of the small and intricate items were nearly 1,000 years old and still looked pristine!

Here are some of the wonderful things I saw at the museum:

The armour and shields.

The tapestries.

Door knockers.

A beautiful and delicate comb.

Look at the calligraphic details of the book!

The carved ceiling and posts.

The stained glass.

A bronze pitcher!

One of the six, and the most famous tapestries at Cluny - "The Lady and the Unicorn."

The old Roman Baths.

Why these beheaded statues and heads? You can read about them here.

School field trip!

I wonder how long it took the craftsman to carve and make this.

On our way out the premises I saw this door knocker that was absolutely cool and fun! Gave me some ideas...


Cluny was awesome. It made me appreciate history, artisan craftsmanship, art, and quality.

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