Monday, May 14, 2007

taking japanese

I'm thinking about taking Japanese again this coming Fall semester... not for credits, but just to audit it. I think it'll be a lot of fun, plus my friend Nobu said he'd help me study.

Every year we go to Japan, and over there we use our "broken Japanese" and English to communicate with the locals. People are always so nice and kind, and we actually never felt uncomfortable not able to speak fluent Japanese. However, I do think it's our obligation to speak the language when we visit the country, so I'm determined to learn Japanese well.

Another great reason for me to known the Japanese language better is the outrageously awesome books they have. Every few months I buy cool Japanese craft, design, art, and poetry (yes I said poetry) books from online and when we visit Japan. I can't yet understand everything I'm reading, but I think I'll be able to read it a lot better once I get more Japanese grammar down, since I already read the Kanji.

The Salt Lake Community College opened a campus a couple buildings next to the caffe, and I'm hoping that they'd hold Japanese classes over there... but doesn't look like that's gonna happen, so I think I may just hop on the Trax and take the classes up at the U. We'll see.

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