Wednesday, May 16, 2007

yiching the DJ in training

I went down to KRCL last night with Jenny from Eastern Trends. Eastern Trends is the only Chinese newspaper in Utah, and I translate articles from D.C., the capital, and Utah AG's office for it.

Jenny has been working at the Chinese program at KRCL for 9 years! When I was presented with the opportunity to be a DJ on the show, I was really excited, and thought I'd give it a try.

It was so much fun! I brought a few of my funky CDs and talked about some of the artists and musicians on the show, and I learned a bit about how the sound system works. I think Jenny likes my excited and slightly hyper talking/DJ-ing style, because she's going to sign me up at KRCL's DJ traning after Wednesday night! After a few weeks training I'll be a really cool DJ, plus I can access the walls after walls of music at the station, and use the recording equipment, too! I'm so excited! I just hope they don't kick me out of DJ school during traning period.

KRCL studio

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