Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yesterday I was making lunch and saw a show on UEN about teaching, inspiring, and helping youngsters to write. The show was called "Words That Cook," where the hosts gave "recipes" for writing/reading success... it reminded me of a class called "Reading Instructions" back in grad school.

Here are a few tips I remembered from the show that can help young people write (in my own words):

-Encourage and help kids make special and unique notebooks and book covers.
-Inspire kids to write stories about things they see in daily life.
-Allow kids to use words they make up.
-It's OK when kids make mistakes when spelling... as long as the words make sense phonetically.
-Do give the CORRECT ways of spelling when kids ask.
-Write stories together with the kids.
-Encourage kids to read different styles of writing and from various writers.

OK the show gave more tips but these are the ones I can remember right now. I think these tips are not only helpful for young people but also for adults. Let's all write up! :)

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