Wednesday, October 07, 2009

big rottweiler boy

So I haven't been blogging. Lazy me. I'm going to try to make up for it... so possibly there are multiple posts within one day!

The other day John took garbage out, came back in, and looked a bit worried. He said, "There's a dog outside!"

"Ahh! Is he cute?"
"Yes, and he's really big."
"Bigger than Nuki?"
"What was he doing outside?"
"Don't know. He's resting in front of a delivery truck."
"Are there people?"
"I don't think so."
"I'm gonna go and check him out. Hope he didn't get lost. I'll call for help if no one knows who he is."

So off I went, and I brought a piece of bread with me.

rottweiler boy

Seriously. This boy was HUGE! I thought he was probably a Rottweiler and Saint Bernard mix. HUGE. He was quiet, and just chillin'. I went into the shop where the delivery truck was making deliveries to and asked if the dog belonged to anyone. No one even knew this guy was out there!

After a little while a young employee came in and said, "Oh, he was just waiting for his people to come drop off more stuff. They'll be back soon."

I gave him the bread and some water. He was not too interested. I decided to go back and check on him again after a little while, but when I went back outside he was already gone.

He was a gentle and nice dog. Hope he's around a lot. All I can remember now was how big his paws were... They were almost as big as my hands!

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marion said...

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