Friday, October 16, 2009

[Seattle 09.09] Chiso Kappo

Another big event for us in Seattle this time was to visit Chiso Kappo. John made a reservation for us, and it was one of the best dinners EVER.

We were served omakase style, and we got to talk to Chef Taichi, who was simply talented and amazing.

All the dishes served that day were delicious. I believe they came to us in a particular order so we could taste enjoy each of them competely (if what I'm describing actually make sense.) Chef Taichi even got John to try something he had never thought of having before!

We were served many dishes (and different sake), and I took too many photos. I loved all of them, but I'm just going to post a few here. You can check out the rest on our flickr page and see everything we had.

Chef Taichi started us off with a spinach and ikura. Delicious already. And here are some of the dishes we had that evening:

Super fresh small oysters. I think John actually enjoyed them very much!

Chef Taichi showing us how to enjoy the soup in the clay "teapot."

Preparing one of the most delicious dishes ever...

Chef Taichi would explain each of the dishes to us in detail, which I totally love!

scallop yumminess
... mushrooms, clams, scallops, and magic.

big fish head
Yes it was a fishhead, and yes that was a fish eyeball. It was cooked in a special broth for a long time. Wow.

And then we got nigiri.

Chef Taichi's skills were amazing. The nigiri we had were very well crafted, the flavors were balanced, and the mouth feel and flavors were amazing.

After sushi we had some green tea. I believe it was sencha.

almond custard
Almond custard for dessert.

The almond custard had the most amazing texture. It was perfect to end the meal with a delicate and carefully prepared treat.

I was in love.

Cheers and bravo to Chef Taichi Kitamura!

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